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$$$ available for NY Blue-Collared BOBs

Shop-BOB is currently in talks with MAJOR organizations in the New York Metropolitan area that are looking for Black Owned Businesses (aka BOBs) to partner with for long-term contracts.

So far, we've learned that these organizations have millions

(yes, 6 figures ya'll!) that have been allocated per contract just for Minority Owned Businesses! The only problem is... they need to find YOU first!

So if you are a BOB (Black Owned Business) that is licensed in the following:

  • Developer

  • General Contractor

  • Prime Contractor or Subcontractor

  • HVAC

  • Electrician

  • Plumbing

Then you should sign up for a FREE profile TODAY so we can help bridge the gap between your BOB and state organizations that are looking to Shop-BOB!

Click Here to join our network TODAY-> @Shop-BOB

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