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NYC creatives ready to take on the world one episode at a time!

We are what WE create!

There is NO stopping what we can do when we come together and support one another. This is also true with the content that represents US on tv!

Check out this awesome concept for a new web series titled 'Maybe It's Me' which intimately dives deep into Modern Black Love. These creatives just began a campaign on Seed and Spark to help fund this project. Any amount you can offer will help them create content that caters to our voices with our stories in mind.

This campaign will end on June 16th - don't wait too late. Let's support today!


Maybe It's Me written by Lauren Marissa Smith with Co-Executive Producer Michael Oloyede

#BuyBlack #WebSeries #BlackFilm #BlackActors #BlackOwnedBusiness #ShopBOB

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