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Would you support a Black Owned Ride Sharing Company?

Is there room for another Ride Sharing App? Uber, Lyft ...and now Moovn!


With companies like Uber and Lyft changing the way we think and use transportation everyday it is perfect that a Black Owned Company MOOVN is stepping in to get a piece of the pie.

This company, created in 2015, has quickly grown to service 9 major cities in the USA. Atlanta, GA |  Boston, MA | Chicago, IL | Portland, OR  | San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA | New York, NY | Vancouver, BC | Washington, DC

The great news is not only are they available for us to support our community but they also are in need of drivers which means you can become a Partner (as they call it) to earn money yourself.

Find out more and get Moovn here:

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