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At Shop-BOB, we are committed to providing you with the best customer service experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Our customer care representatives are available to chat with you 7 days a week from 11am - 8pm EST. Click the button below to start a chat session.

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Join our network of BOBs!

We welcome businesses from ALL catergories to join our network and help us support our community programs. List your business, Sell your products for FREE! We also welcome volunteers to help us move our efforts forward.

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Create a profile for your business. Add as many products as you like for FREE! With every sale your business will be supporting our community programs.


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We can use your skills to support our programming. Let us know how you can help!


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  • What is Shop-BOB?
    Shop-BOB is a fundraising platform. We feature businesses from BIPOC communities and encourage consumers to Shop - BOB's to help us raise money for current programming that we support in local communities. Our programming is geared towards economic development with a focus on youth employment and positive engagement. We also partner with other local charities and non-profits to help fund their mission FORWARD by sponsoring events and collaborating in their fundraising efforts.
  • Is there a difference between Shop-BOB and Shop-BOB Cares?
    Shop-BOB is a fundraising marketplace that features BIPOC Owned Businesses aka BOBs. Shop-BOB works as an agency to promote sales of local businesses and supports economic development in underestimated communities. Shop-BOB Cares is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization that provides services to help support our community with a focus on youth employment. Shop-BOB Cares connect BOBs from our network to community events to help build programming while giving BOBs opportunities to obtain city contracts to grow their business. Shop-BOB Cares collaborates with other local charities and organizations to amplify their voices and build out programming that is focused on positive community engagement.
  • Are donations tax deductible? How are monies distributed?
    Yes, Shop-BOB Cares is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization. Tax ID #87-2339649 All donations given to Shop-BOB Cares are tax deductible. To ensure your donation makes an impact in the community, each individual or charity that receives support from Shop-BOB Cares, Inc is carefully selected and properly vetted to the highest standards prior to funds being distributed. Shop-BOB Cares, Inc is a public organization and required by law to share funding allocation. Our records can be found at:
  • What is the process to sell on Shop-BOB?
    You are welcome to register your business for a FREE profile and list items or services that you would like to offer on our fundraising platform. We invite shoppers to join our online events for the opportunity to shop our catalog. When an item is purchased from your inventory, we will send you a notification to ship your items directly to the shopper. We ask that you ship your products within 3 business days. Once items are delivered, monies are released in your account for withdrawal. You will also receive a statement from Shop-BOB Cares (non-profit) for the donated amount from your business account. Your business does not pay any separate fees to Shop-BOB; however with agreement, from every sale your business donates a fixed percent directly to Shop-BOB Cares, our 501c3 organization. This helps fund our programs that support community affairs. As by federal law, Shop-BOB Cares is unable to offer any promotional services in exchange for your donation; however, Shop-BOB Inc. may offer featured listings of your business and advertising through our paid membership club or a la carte services.
  • How do I join Shop-BOB?
    To join our network you will need the following: 1. Business Name 2. Federal EIN Number. Copy of IRS form CP 575a or Certificate of Authority Sellers Permit 3. A Business address (PO Box or Registered Agent) listed with your business. 4. Active Business Website (this can be a social media channel if you do not have a designated URL) 5. Product and inventory readily available to begin selling
  • Does my business need to be black owned to sell on Shop-BOB?
    No, we feature businesses from all backgrounds, including but not limited to AAPI, Latin, Caribbean etc. We are inclusive NOT exclusive. We welcome and celebrate any business willing to help us fundraise to support our local communities.
  • Is it really FREE to sell on Shop-BOB?
    Yes, Shop-BOB is a fee FREE platform to help maximize sales for you! We only ask that once a product is sold, a set percent is donated to our nonprofit, Shop-BOB Cares, to help fund our mission FORWARD. There are standard credit card processing fees that are built into the website. Those fees are not paid to Shop-BOB. We do not charge any business to sell products nor list their business in our directory.
  • Do you allow all products to be sold on Shop-BOB?
    Yes, we are open to all categories. However, if your product or business caters to an adult demographic, unfortunately due to strict guidelines we may be unable to sell products directly from our marketplace. You are welcome to join our FREE directory and in the future we may be able to support your business by connecting you to opportunities that will allow for direct sales.
  • How many products can I sell on Shop-BOB?
    You can sell as many items as you wish to help us fundraise for our non-profit. We do have a process to curate items to make sure every item is of good standards and great quality control. Every item you wish to sell will be vetted before going LIVE to ensure that our guests are offered the best experience on Shop-BOB.
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