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This Natural Whipped Body Butter is intended to comfort your body in moisture. It is formulated to hydrate, soften, nourish and pamper your skin. This butter helps to calm irritated, dry and itchy skin while providing moisture.

This butter is oil based however, it is not greasy, and it can be used sparingly. In addition, it is solid, but it melts on contact to skin. I recommend using the fragrance-free butter if you are experiencing skin irritation because applying a product with fragrance oils will only make your skin condition worsen.

The butter contains fatty acids and vitamin E, which are nourishing and beneficial for your skin. My whipped body butter is my number selling product amongst my customers outside of Etsy and my other online store. 

My customers love my butters due moisture and softness it provides for their skin, the texture and that they are nicely fragranced with a variety of fragrances to choose from. 

Furthermore, I offer over 45 fragrances are for ladies, men & unisex. Children can use these butters as well. 

**My butters are thick, not full of air and are packed solid all the way through. However, they still melt on contact to skin**

Shorea butter is non-greasy, easily absorbed by the skin, has softening effects, helps dry skin, eczema and dermatitis. 

Sunflower oil help to soothe irritated skin associated with inflammation and redness while it is said to be effective against acne and eczema.

Extra virgin olive oil is an antioxidant, hydrates skin and hair, soothes burns, help diminish stretch marks and is rich in vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is an antioxidant containing linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a fatty acid that promotes hair and skin growth. Furthermore, vitamin E provides protection against toxins such as air pollution, free radicals in the environment and it helps to soften skin.

Shea butter is a skin protectant and moisturizer, it reduces inflammation and has a high concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins. 

Coconut oil offers a SPF 4 protection from the sun, as it is non-greasy and easily absorbs into skin and hair. In addition, it helps to sooth itching, contains vitamin E, moisturizes, fights microbes and is loaded with fatty acids. 

Aloe vera promotes beneficial skin health as it has the ability to help heal skin from sunburn due to its antioxidant properties. It aids in treating wounds, small cuts, skin regeneration and it is a softening and moisturizing agent as well. It is skin soothing and lowers scar formation. In addition, aloe vera oil is beneficial for acne, blemishes and infections.

Whipped Body Butter

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